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Custom Rivers by Take Cover Scenics

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

I know it's been awhile since an update, but I've been busy with work and making scenery.

Last summer I commissioned a set of custom rivers from Take Cover Scenics that incorporate bridges from Hovels in the bridge sections. I asked for the rivers to come unflocked so I could add flock, static grass, and tufts (from Tajima 1) to match my existing scenery. I've finally finished that process (it was quite a bit of work) and wanted to show them off.

As you can see, the rivers are absolutely incredible. The construction is rock solid and durable, so I have no doubt they will be around and in great shape many years from now. Plus, they are incredibly realistic looking. I'm not sure what acrylic product Take Cover Scenics uses, but it has great visual depth and the color is spot-on to my eyes. Plus, the rocks and ford are truly well-done. Easily the best rivers on the market. While not cheap, the price is fair and reasonable, especially for the quality. Take my advice and buy a set for yourself.

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1 Comment

Sean Squires
Sean Squires
Jan 31, 2021

These look fantastic in your pictures and I can attest that they look just as good in person.

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