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15mm Panzergrenadiers

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Sorry for the absence, but I've been busy making money to fund my hobby addiction. Here are some pictures of my most recent painting project, a platoon of late WW2 German Panzergrenadiers. These are 15mm Battlefront miniatures I am using to play Chain of Command. These aren't the prettiest figures or my best paint jobs, but they look great based.

The highlights really got dulled down with the matte varnish, so I will have to make them a bit snappier on the next lot. But WW2 was a drab and depressing war, so there's that to cover up for it. All the same, I hope you like them.

And here you can see a picture of my section markings on the bases to help tell units apart on the battlefield. Each platoon will be given a color (this one white). Each section has 1-3 stripes, and the HQ section has 4 stripes.


That's all Volks!

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