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An Army Worthy of Mordor

I recently started a Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game battle companies campaign with some friends. (Yes, yes...I know it is now Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game, but I am a curmudgeonly grognard.) This of course meant painting a new army. But it's not rally a “new" army since the last one I painted years in college ago was also a Mordor army. But I think I am a better painter now and wanted to have another go at it.

With this army, I've been experimenting with weathering effects to give the impression of nasty orcses in the service of the Dark Lord Sauron. I recently re-watched the Peter Jackson trilogy in the new 4K version, and was struck by how filthy almost all the orcs are. I'm still getting the hang of the weathering, and the splash mud effects don't really seem to splash well...but I think the final result is fine.

Up first are the Mordor Orcs:

And also some Black Númenóreans. I really wish they made more than three poses of these guys, but so it goes...

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Sean Squires
Sean Squires
21 mar 2021

It's a great looking Battle Company. Those Black Numenoreans are a tough nut to crack too.

Me gusta
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