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Breton Light Cavalry - Formigny 1450

At long last, here is a unit of Breton light cavalry. These can be used for roughly 1440-1490, but are geared especially for the Battle of Formigny in 1450. This unit represents a mixture of esquires, coutiliers, and archers. This particular unit is led by André de Laval-Montmorency, Seigneur de Lohéac and Marshal of France, who led the vanguard with Jean II de Brosse. the Marshal is bearing the flag of his brother Guy XIV de Laval, Comte de Laval because I forgot to order a flag for André before the war in Russia made commissions from MB Creation impossible, but thankfully the only difference is that the flag is missing the white label with ermine found on André's arms. The other flags are conjectural flags made by MB Creations featuring the Kroaz Du.

The figures are Perry Miniatures late medieval light cavalry mixed with some of the plastic Agincourt mounted squires and André de Lohéac represented by a plastic Agincourt men-at-arms. The use of these older figures helps give the impression of Brittany as a less prosperous region (which is ironic, since it contributed so heavily to royal armies).

Hope you like them.

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