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Roads and Hedges by Take Cover Scenics

While I make much of my own terrain, I don't make all of it. We are living in a golden age of high-quality wargames terrain, and for my money Take Cover Scenics is among the very best. I wrote an earlier blog post reviewing a river set I ordered. Today I'm showing off the roads and hedges I ordered. These get a 10/10 in my book.

These were a custom order based on existing products:

  • The roads are in 15mm scale (1.5 inches wide), but are otherwise a match for Take Cover Scenics' 2" wide flexible rural roads. I ordered a large number of straight lengths in various sizes, as well as intersections of every configuration imaginable. I ordered the roads textured but unpainted so I could paint to simulate dry, dusty roads in the height of summer, and add flock and static grass to match my existing terrain. I did also add a little reptile sand before painting for a sharper texture. That was actually a fair bit of work, for which I am deeply indebted to my friend Sean (of Sean's Wargame Corner fame).

  • The hedges are basically Take Cover Scenics' 6-10mm deluxe hedgerows but slightly higher and wider, and with slightly different color combinations. My aim was to get something that would work passably for 15mm and 28mm. I have not done any customization work to these hedges. I will probably add some static grass to the bases, and maybe repaint some of the dirt openings in the hedges.

I am absolutely thrilled with these. The roads are flexible enough I can have them running up hills with no problem. Plus the texture is great, and really looks the part of a dirt road with time-worn tracks. But the hedges really take the cake. I've never seen hedges this good-looking and natural. The variation in size, shape, and color really turned out great.

But enough talking about them. Here are the pictures!

That's all, folks! Let me know what you think. And definitely head over to Take Cover Scenics if you need some terrain.

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Jeff Baumal
Jeff Baumal
Apr 16, 2021

Simply outstanding! I love the colors and textures. Like you, I do much of my own terrain because I love to do it. However real life and family severely limit my time for hobby projects. I’m going to add your awesome blog to my favorites list.


Thomas Foss
Thomas Foss
Apr 11, 2021

Turned out great- super good photos to boot!

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